Myth Debunked: Website is not all you need

Myth Debunked: Website is not all you need

Is Website all which can create your digital identity?

If you have this concept, then you are tracing a half-paved path.

Your website is just an anchor point where you can share all your details. But you must take actions to bring visitors to your website so that they come to know about your existence.

Along with a decent, attractive and informative website, you also need corporate accounts on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to be most important. Along with that you can have accounts with Instagram, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr etc.

There are many websites which cater to the social media needs. You have to understand your function in your industry. Always select the network which goes well with your brand. For example, you must have an account in Pinterest if you are doing something with Graphical Development, Photography or Arts.

Then comes the need of business listing sites. Many listing sites are there which are available to everyone completely free of cost or they give a trial of their service for a stipulated period of time. Never think of listing your business there. Go for the paid listing sites where serious buyers often visit and if you get spotted, you might close a deal.

Now you require someone who is expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Management (SMM). These are most important activities of Digital Marketing without which your website will be lying idle just like your unused pen on your shelf.

SEO, SEM and SMM increases your rank in the Search Engine Result Pages where millions of internet users searches for their needs in a day. It can be your product or service too which someone might need. There are on-page and off-page methods of optimizing the performance of your website which will be discussed in details in the next article.

These are few of the most important methods which can provide a boost in your website performance by raising your Digital Status.

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